Art, Time and the Technological Imagination Screenings

Art, Time and the
Technological Imagination


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Sam Taylor-Wood (now Sam Taylor-Johnson) – Still Life, 2001, artist and filmmaker based in London and Los Angeles
Shot on 35mm film and transferre to video.
[The User] – Coincidence Engine One: Universal People’s Republic Time (Documentation), 2008, artist duo based in Montreal
Installation for 1200 battery-powered alarm clocks, CNC cut Styrofoam structure.
Lisa Steele – Birthday Suit with scars and defects (Excerpt), 1974, artist based in Toronto
Contains Nudity.
Douglas Gordon – 24 Hour Psycho, (Excerpt) 1993, Scottish artist
Christian Marclay – The Clock (Excerpt, Audience Documentation), 2010, Swiss artist
Bill Viola – Tristan’s Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall), (Audience Documentation), 2005, American artist based in New York
David Rokeby – Machine for Taking Time (bool St.-Laurent) (Excerpt), 2007, artist based in Toronto
Granular Synthesis is comprised of Kurt Hentschläger (Austrian) & Ulf Langheinrich (German) – Modell 5 (Performance Documentation, Excerpt), 1994-95, artist duo based in Berlin
Vertical Role at 7 min is contains flashing images.
Stand Brahkage at 11min is full of fast changing images.
Timber at 13min 20 is comprised of mostly fast cuts.
Vader Lives at 18min 20 is very fast edits and loud noises.
Power Remix at 22min is bright colors and fast cuts.
Planet of the Arabs at 28 min contains graphic violence, racist language and fast edits.
Street Muppets NWA at 46 min contains graphic language.
Dragon Fly Eyes includes real footage of bus and car crash as well as a plane and train crash, other explosions and natural disasters.
Assemblage, Found Footage and the remix
Very Nice Very Nice – Arthur Lipset
Vertical Role (Excerpt) – Joan Jonas
The Garden of Earthly Delights – Stan Brahkage
Timber – Coldcut and Hexstatic
Vader Lives – Tasman Richardson
Power Remix – Bear Witness and A Tribe Called Red –
Planet of the Arabs – Jackie Salloum
POTUSes – Wreck and Salvage
Mother of all Funk Chords – Kutiman
The Street Muppets N.W.A.
REM (Excerpt)- Kelly Mark
Dragon Fly Eyes Trailer – Xu Bing
Robot Readable World – Tim Arnell
Vito Acconci, Prying (1971)
Marina Abramovic And Ulay, Light / Dark (1977)
Steve McQueen, Bear (1993)
Pipilotti Rist, Ever Is Over All (1997)
Peter Campus, Three Transitions (1973)
Gordon Monahan, Speaker Swinging (1982)
David Rokeby, A Very Nervous System (1982)
Fischli and Weiss, The Way Things Go (1987)
Matthew Barney, Cremaster 3 (The Order) – Cremaster Cycle (2002)
Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey, The Future of Television (2012)
Jackson 2 Bears, Red Vision A/V Instrument
Mapping Festival Promotional Real –
Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn, Inferno (2016)